Who we are

Margretha Esprey
Spiritual Leader and Intecessory Prayer Leader

After many years in education, as a Maths teacher and later as Headmistress of Kaffrarian High School for Girls (now known as Kingsridge Girls’ School) in King William’s Town, I retired 11 years ago, because I sensed a clear call from God concerning something new in my life. In June 2004 He placed a burden for the nations, especially those in Africa, in my heart, and since that time so many doors for ministry have opened. I’ve travelled to and ministered in Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya and India on many occasions. Earlier this year I started a Bible School in Kenya, a country that is very close to my heart. These outreaches will continue, but little did I know, when I left KHS, that my steps would again be directed into schools. When Colleen invited me to serve as spiritual leader and prayer co-ordinator of TiC, I knew that it was God touching me and calling me to stand in the gap and pray for our teachers.
God’s Word says, “Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and wonderful things, which you do not know”. I believe this promise, I believe that God answers prayer and that the solutions to the problems that teachers face, are to be found in Jesus Christ. I have seen many lives positively impacted by teachers and I am praying that every believing teacher, filled with the glory of God, will ignite fires in the hearts of the children whose lives they touch. As a member of TiC, I am called to support teachers in prayer, I love praying for them and praise God for every problem situation that He has changed and for everyone that has been given new hope – no problem is too difficult for our Father! I’m longing to see all our schools carry the aroma of the Presence of God.

Colleen Martin

I had never been involved in ministry before the Father laid this TiC ministry on my heart, and my journey has been an absolute testimony that only in our weaknesses is He strong. Literally stepping out in ‘blind faith’, retiring from 13yrs of running my Kumon centre, I freed myself up to start this ministry.
When you consider who has come on board to serve the Most High through this ministry, the extent of His provision is evident.
The seed for this ministry was sown many years ago, by my daughter’s Grade 2 teacher. Sherryl Durrheim each week faithfully sowed Scriptures into her student’s lives, and one day, Shelley asked me to help her find a verse. The Father used this moment to indelibly put His mark on my life.
The impact of a teacher in a child’s life can impact a mother’s life, which, in turn, impacts a family’s life. The Father promises us that His Word never returns to Him empty, and the existence of this ministry, is testimony to that.
We are just so aware that the challenges we face each and every day as teachers, are enormous, and it is only in His strength that we are able to continue.
And so, I pray that you dial the Father’s “Hotline” anytime you are in need – Jeremiah 33:3, “Call to Me and I will answer you. I will tell you wonderful and marvellous things that you know nothing of.”

Felicity Mason
Prayer Intercessor

I have been a committed Christian for 26 years & a Parish Secretary for 14 years but recently went into semi retirement. My interest in TiC came about when I heard Colleen speak about how she and Margretha were going into the schools to pray with Teachers, and in some cases, with the Learners. My spirit was stirred as I had been asking the Lord how I could become involved in something worthwhile that would make a difference in other people’s lives now that I have more time on my hands. This seemed to be an answer as it is also part of the Great Commission, and as I work in a Christian environment, I don’t have exposure to ‘the world’. This seemed to be somewhere where perhaps God could use me. And so I have accepted the invitation to become involved and pray that I may be a blessing to all those with whom I come into contact.

Nomkango Nathalia Dos Santos
Prayer Intercessor

I joined the TiC ministry because I felt a need to have a strong and powerful pillar in my over 30 years of teaching experience as a result of seeing changes in behaviour of learners/kids, communities, educators etc. This pillar, I felt, is Jesus and Prayer. In other words, I was just overwhelmed by moral decay of societies, both black and white, hence TiC caters for all.

Alvan Mandy
Prayer Intercessor

As a recently retired teacher (end 2009), I am all too well aware of the constraints and pressures and stresses imposed on teachers in schools today, whether they be ex-model C schools or schools battling in inner city or rural areas.
I would therefore like to offer to pray for you (by name) or be a listening ear when it all becomes too much, or share the joy a sudden breakthrough with a pupil can bring. [I know that time is of the essence to you, so will not burden you with my opinions, experiences, etc, but will just “be there” for you.