What we do

We hold fortnightly non-denominational prayer meetings in the afternoons. Teachers from many different schools attend to be encouraged, lifted up in prayer and supported in fellowship as we draw together before our Heavenly Father. Prayer requests are handled confidentially.

We encourage teachers by sending out Scriptures via sms each week. And we have a weekly e-mail letter of encouragement which is also distributed.

If difficult situations present themselves at a school, we ask if we can come in and pray at the school. Our prayers are always focused on God’s resolution and not personal agendas.

We have a team of prayer Intercessors who intercede on behalf of the teachers and the ministry.

We have held prayer walks in various schools where members of staff, members of the community and local pastors have gathered together to walk around the boundaries of the school grounds covering the principal, teachers, students, and parents in prayer.

We have had training in setting up 24-7 prayer rooms/boiler rooms in schools, but have set up a permanent prayer room where we have prayer meetings. This room is also available to teachers to come and pray at any time they choose.

We have run workshops on “Praying in your school” at a National Christian Teachers Conference.

We have recently held our first mini-conference for teachers, parents and senior students in and around East London.